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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find the Most Updated MLC Information?
Please like our Facebook page or refer to our website, www.missoulalacrosse.org for most recent updates, including schedule changes, event information, and contact details.


When does registration begin and end?
Registration opens mid September and ends in March or when teams are full.

When and Where are Practices?
Practice will begin in mid-March, dependent upon weather conditions. Expect two to three days per week, depending on age level.


8U - 6 vs. 6 

10U - 6 vs. 6

12U - 10 vs. 10

14U - 10 vs. 10


8U - 7 vs. 7

10U - 7 vs. 7

12U - 11 vs. 11

14U - 11 vs. 11

How Much Travel is Involved?

Missoula Lacrosse is a traveling club sport that plays and travels primarily in April and May. Many of the tournaments are close enough that you are able to travel there on Saturday morning (with an early start) and can return home the same evening without incurring any hotel costs.  But some tournaments, such as Billings, generally require travel the day before.  Most, if not all, tournaments conclude in one single day (Saturday) except for the season ending state tournament (12U and 14U only).  We travel to Bozeman, Billings, Helena, Kalispell, Great Falls and some years to Spokane and/or other out of state cities for games, as well as hosting our own tournament.  The tournament schedule will be posted on our website, www.missoulalacrosse.org.

Travel sports has its pros and cons, but the kids generally always have a great time visiting a new town, building relationships and bonding with teammates off the field, and spending time with family.  We hope to see you for the Mustangs 2018 season!

How Can I Help?
Missoula Lacrosse Club is trying hard to improve communication and make this a quality experience for all.  To do this we are in need of volunteers:

  • Assistant Coaches – do you have experience with lacrosse or a love of the game?  Offer to pitch in as needed with your child’s coach.
  • Team Manager – Each team will need a Team Manager.  Duties for this position are not hard – just take a little organization.  You will be responsible for coordinating with MLC and the team parents regarding schedules, team communication, gear check in, pictures, etc. 


Do I Need to Buy All New Gear?

Not necessarily.  The Lacrosse Wolf Store will have used lacrosse equipment for sale.  MLC has a Gear Rental Policy.  All players will need to provide their own stick, cleats, and mouthpiece.  Additional equipment needed includes goggles for girls, and helmet, cup, chest pads, elbow pads and gloves for boys.  This additional equipment can be rented for $50 per player from MLC, along with a non-cashed deposit of $150.  Rented equipment should be returned to Team Manager upon completion of last season game.  All unreturned equipment will have deposit checks cashed on June 15, 2018.
Will My Child Receive a Jersey?
There will be a "uniform checkout" date where game jerseys will be distributed prior to the start games.  At that time, a $75 post dated non-cashed deposit check will be needed to receive your players uniform.  This deposit is returnable upon the return of the uniform in good condition.  14U players will have the option to purchase their jersey for $75 at time of distribution.