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MLC has boys’ lacrosse gear to rent out. For a fee of $50, (and a $150 deposit check) a youth can rent a helmet, shoulder pads, gloves and elbow pads for the season. All gear must be returned at the end of the season, or the deposit check will be cashed.  

Please be advised that the rental gear is rented out to U9 and U11 boys first; boys from U13 and U15 can rent out gear only after all U9 and U11 requests have been satisfied. The purpose of the rental program is to let younger kids try the sport for a season without having to make an investment in gear. However, as they advance to higher teams, they do need to obtain their own gear.

If you only need a partial rental, we will prorate it. Your son needs to come with you for sizing of gear. Gear check out is Wednesday, March 9th 5:30-6:30p at Montana Street Storage 1522 Montana.  We have a fair amount of rental gear, able to cover approximately 20 to 24 boys, but cannot guarantee gear for more boys than that, so it will be a “First come, first served” basis.

Girls need protective eye gear (lacrosse goggles), mouthpiece, shoes and stick – all must be provided by the player, there are no rentals for girls’ gear.