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Are you interested in helping out this season? 
How about being a team manager!

Missoula Lacrosse Club Team Manager Description:


Each Lacrosse team will have a Team Manager.  Managers are responsible for organizing the team, and communicating between the coach, team parents, and the MLC Board of Directors.  Information regarding equipment, tournaments, team pictures, travel and hotel accommodations, meals and any other organizational information will be disbursed by the Team Managers to the parents.


Most of this work needs to be done at the beginning of the season, and after that it is mostly weekly communications regarding upcoming tournaments.  The Missoula Lacrosse Club Board of Directors is comprised of volunteer parents; delegating team organization and communication to Team Managers helps us to run MLC efficiently.  A huge thank you to all Team Managers for the MLC!


The Team Managers assume the following responsibilities:           

  1. Set up master email list as soon as possible for the team.
  2. Create a roster of player’s and parent’s names, player jersey number, parent’s cell phone and parent’s email; and email to all parents and coaches and/ or give a hard copy. (IF ALL PARENTS AGREE)
  3. Communicate with MLC board and coaches regarding tournament dates, field locations, time to have player on the field ready to go and any overnight hotel and/or meal accommodations.
  4. Handle equipment – any rental gear, plus jerseys - all to be disbursed, then collected and turned back in at end of season.
  5. Create stat sheets for each game.
  6. Get volunteers to collect stats at all games.  Get volunteers for time keepers and stat keeper at home games.
  7. Coordinate volunteers from the team to work at LAXFEST, the Missoula Lacrosse Tournament – all parents required to volunteer in some capacity.
  8. Enter final scores of games on website.

If you are interested, please email your name and phone number to mlcprez@yahoo.com or talk with the coach. 

Thank you!